What is PPC?

B2B Marketing is a PPC agency in Houston that provides pay-per-click services to businesses in Houston city and throughout its surroundings. The PPC (Pay per Click) model is used in online advertising to attract more visitors for target websites and the advertisers have to pay for every click on their advert. In simple term, it is referred as the amount that has to be spent to generate a click on the target advert. In major search engines such as Google, advertisers place bids for relevant keywords and phrases relevant to their target audience. On the contrary, content sites follow a fixed-price model instead of the regular bidding model. The adverts displayed through PPC model are often called either few line Text and banners and these are displayed on websites and search engines that are ready to promote the advertiser.

An advertisement is displayed on a website using PPC adverts only when the keyword query is similar to the keyword list provided by the advertiser or upon the display of relevant content by a content site. These are often called as sponsored ads or sponsored links. These adverts are visible below the organic search results or anywhere on the content site according to the location selected by the developers.

PPC model is held together with the basic principle of making affiliates that allows generating more potential purchases from users. This is a contradictory approach as compared to the general portal where the sole purpose is to generate more traffic for the website. PPC model offers monetary incentives to its affiliates, which comes from the conversions/sale. The main role of affiliates is to offer purchase-point click-through to the advertiser/merchant. Pay-for-performance is the ruling principle in this approach: An affiliate who is unable to generate any sales does not cost money to the merchant/advertiser. There are some variations available under this model including revenue sharing programs, PPC, and banner exchange.

Total Man Hours
25 40 50
Initializing the Project conversion
Initial Consultation
Initial Call Setup no tick tick tick
Account Setup tick
Conversion Code Consultation tick
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management
Negative Keywords tick tick tick tick
A/B Ad Copy Testing tick tick tick tick
Day Parting tick tick tick tick
Geo-Targeting tick tick tick tick
Local Search Campaigns (If Applicable) tick tick tick tick
Conversion Tracking tick tick tick tick
Other Activities
Image Ads* no 1 3 5
Landing Page Consultation* no 1 3 5
Website Optimizer (If Applicable) no no tick tick
Click Fraud Support no wrong wrong tick
Google Analyticsgoogle analytics
Basic Setup tick tick tick tick
Profile Setup tick tick tick tick
Advanced Setup Consultation wrong tick tick tick
Funnel Tracking Consultation wrong wrong tick tick
Analysis & Monitoring wrong tick tick tick
Reports reports
Weekly Report tick tick tick tick
Monthly Report tick tick tick tick
Advanced Reports wrong tick tick tick
Customer Support contact
Email Support tick tick tick tick
Chat Support wrong tick tick tick
Conference Call / Telephone wrong 1 2 4

Our PPC = Pay Per Click Services Highlights

Key words selection and Campaign set up / Competitor Budget and CPC Analysis

Conversion Focused Click Focused
GeoTargeting AdText Creation
Adtext A/B Testing keyword matching options
keyword bid management Traffic Statistic Analysis
Mobile Mobile Website Call Tracking
Reporting (daily report on Dashboard) Month 1 Setup Report
Weekly Report Monthly Report
Bimonthly report PPC Broken Link Checker Report
Call Tracking Reporting Linking Adwords with Analytics
Website Funnel Tracking Site Speed Report
Analytics Code Checker Search Query Analysis
Conversion Tracking Click Fraud Monitoring
Call Tracking Integration* Product Ads Set-up
Landing Page Recommendation Video Ads Campaign*
Dynamic Search Ads Google Ad Site Extensions
Website Usability Report Conversion Analysis Report
Quality Score Optimization Display / Search Network
Banner/Image Ads Remarketing
Analytics Setup Analytics Analysis