Many of us talk about social media optimization; however nobody is able to come up with a definite success strategy for Social media marketing . Social media is a vast field and has lot of potential. If tapped correctly it can help you in B2C or B2B marketing, or B2B SEO . Companies like offer various services under the umbrella of SEO Houston and they have a team that dedicatedly works on social media optimization and marketing.

Let’s look at 4 Social media marketing tips to win customers.

Converse with your customers: It is imperative to talk to your customers on a personal note. They need to know your company, its values and the latest developments. All this is possible with the help of a company blog.

Fan Page for your business on Facebook: Facebook is no doubt the most accessed social networking site. If you have a personal account on facebook use it to create a business fan page. Once you create a fan page, you can invite people to join your business network and be a fan. Your updates will to flow to your fans via the business fan page. Higher the number of fans, greater is visibility of your business.

Twitter: Communicate with prospects on twitter through your tweets. You can also find how your competitors are leveraging twitter and come up with a strategy. Tweet about your latest products or positive client feedback on twitter.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an extension of your business card. Join the niche group of your business type and get latest updates about technology and competition. Ask for recommendations from your clients. This will increase your credibility.

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