Can an Expert in SEO in Texas Help a Business Somewhere Else?

: What if your business isn’t anywhere near this SEO Texas team?
We get this question a lot: Does my business need to be based in Texas for SEO services from EpromotionZ to really work? Not at all!
And while we’d love to meet you in person over a cup of coffee, everything we do to promote your business online can be done remotely – no matter where your business is located.

SEO services are not location-bound, even though the goal of an effective local online marketing campaign is to help promote your business as the obvious choice for the products and services you offer in your city or town.
One important factor in SEO in Texas or anywhere else is identifying how people go looking for what your business offers – even if they don’t know your business exists. We do extensive keyword research to discover exactly how people search online.

Sometimes it’s not at all how you’d guess! Your prospective customers may not know or use the exact terminology someone knowledgeable about your field would use. In some cases, they may not even spell common terms in your business correctly.

In many cases, people go searching for businesses using location words you might not consider. In large cities, people seek businesses in their neighborhood; in rural areas they might look for businesses in their region.

Location is definitely important! But only when it comes to promoting your business. No matter where you’re located, the experts in SEO in Texas at EpromotionZ can help you get found online.

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